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Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands (1990-12-05)

Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest

6.8/10 (540 votes)

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006-10-18)

Ben Whishaw, Simon Chandler, David Calder

7.0/10 (236 votes)

The Last Stand

The Last Stand (2013-01-18)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Rodrigo Santoro

5.6/10 (626 votes)


Gremlins (1984-06-07)

Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton

6.5/10 (245 votes)

Little Children

Little Children (2006-09-01)

Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly

6.4/10 (33 votes)

Stephen King's It

Stephen King's It (1990-11-18)

Tim Curry, Annette O'Toole, Harry Anderson

6.8/10 (90 votes)

Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark (2000-09-22)

Björk, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse

7.6/10 (59 votes)

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet (1986-09-12)

Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper

7.2/10 (121 votes)

A History of Violence

A History of Violence (2005-09-23)

Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Heidi Hayes

6.5/10 (112 votes)

The Man Who Wasn't There

The Man Who Wasn't There (2001-05-13)

Billy Bob Thornton, Frances McDormand, Michael Badalucco

7.6/10 (29 votes)

The Warrior's Way

The Warrior's Way (2010-12-02)

Kate Bosworth, Jang Dong-gun, Geoffrey Rush

7.1/10 (30 votes)

The Trouble with Harry

The Trouble with Harry (1955-10-03)

Edmund Gwenn, John Forsythe, Mildred Natwick

6.9/10 (11 votes)


Inferno (1999-09-25)

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pat Morita, Danny Trejo

5.6/10 (11 votes)

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride (1999-07-24)

Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack

5.5/10 (59 votes)

I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris (2009-01-18)

Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Leslie Mann

6.0/10 (93 votes)

Dante's Peak

Dante's Peak (1997-02-06)

Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Charles Hallahan

5.4/10 (73 votes)

The Magnificent Ambersons

The Magnificent Ambersons (1942-07-10)

Joseph Cotten, Dolores Costello, Anne Baxter

7.7/10 (6 votes)

Chicken Little

Chicken Little (2005-11-04)

Zach Braff, Garry Marshall, Don Knotts

5.4/10 (179 votes)

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith (1992-12-18)

Steve Martin, Debra Winger, Lolita Davidovich

8.0/10 (2 votes)

Show Me Love

Show Me Love (1998-10-23)

Alexandra Dahlström, Rebecka Liljeberg, Mathias Rust

8.0/10 (11 votes)

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