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Years Active: 2005-2013

Known Parts: 8

Revenue: $242,892,885

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Madea Collection


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Madea film series. Mabel Simmons, commonly known as Madea, is a comedic, fictional character created and portrayed in drag by Tyler Perry. The character is a towering, massive, elderly woman, with a fiercely vindictive nature about her, quick to not only stand up for herself but get even as well; in fact, when asked why she felt the need to get somebody all the time, Madea answered: "Well when you gettin' got and somebody done got you and you go get them, when you get em', everybody's gon' get got." To add to that, Madea's insanely overreactive, willing to threaten the use of weapons, drive through buildings, use physical violence, as well as use any and all means necessary to show up a wrongdoer or offending party. Incorrigible in her overreactive ways, Madea is constantly landing herself in court, anger management classes, house arrest, and even prison. Despite all of her reckless and unruly behavior, the character is used to teach a lesson.

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